Is This Your Year to be Epic? Mentor with Seedling

School has begun, and our Mentors are pairing up again with their young friends in Austin’s public schools. Some are continuing a friendship that has grown over years, and some are beginning a brand new relationship, but they all have one thing in common…

They have been well-trained, and they are highly supported in their mentoring.

That sounds so simple and logical, doesn’t it? And yet, this kind of preparation and continuous support of the mentoring relationship is rare. It is not the cheapest way to mentor, and it is not the easiest way to mentor, but we have found through multiple years of independent evaluation that it is one of the very best ways to mentor.

Here are some comments from our Mentees…

Is this your year to be epic? 

Visit Seedling, and learn about high-quality mentoring for children who are challenged by parental incarceration. You can be an agent for change in a child’s life, and we will help you to enjoy the journey. Sign up today, and start a mentoring relationship that will benefit you and your new little friend.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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