Father’s Day When Daddy is in Prison

Dads-Day-Video-StillThis year, Google sponsored a video that was a heartfelt letter from children challenged by parental incarceration to their fathers in prison.

Watch and listen, because to hear a child’s feelings is more compelling than any statistics we could share with you, but trust us, Seedling Mentor Program is research-based, and we will keep sharing those numbers.

This video can give those numbers faces and voices and help us all relate to hundreds of thousands of children of prisoners in this country.

What can you do?

You can mentor. One hour a week at a child’s school throughout the school year makes a measurable difference. We know, because we measure it.

Seedling Mentor Program will train you, prepare you, and support you throughout your mentoring journey, and yes, we even measure how effective this kind of mentoring is for our volunteers. 70% or more of our mentors come back year after year and make a life-long impact in a child’s life.

Is the 2016-2017 school year your year to change two lives for the better? We will be here, ready when you are.

Many thanks to Google for sponsoring these videos and sharing them with all of us who care about the children challenged by parental incarceration.

~Seedling Mentor Program Staff

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