Seedling College Scholarships – Offering the Future

2016 Scholarship GroupThrough generous donations, the Seedling Foundation has had the privilege of offering our 8th-grade Seedling mentees an opportunity to compete for a $5,000.00 scholarship for higher education, to be bestowed upon graduation.

Candidates complete an application, write an essay, and get a letter of recommendation from their mentors. It is a real-world experience and the mentors enjoy being part of it with their mentees. Candidates may apply the funds the higher education institution of their choice.

We are proud to announce that three Seedling mentees were awarded the prize this year! We look forward to seeing them again at the end of their senior year and hearing about their continuing education plans.

Please enjoy some thoughts and declarations from the 2016 winning essays.

“My dad has worked his whole life to support my two sisters and me. He is trying to help us reach our goals in life, and I want him to reach his goals in life, to see his kids grow up to become happy adults.”

“I want to help young people just like me to get through their problems and let them know they are not alone.”

“My mentor has helped me forgive people and learn to leave things in the past. She has taught me to strive for better than what I thought I could have.”

“I have always wanted to be a writer or journalist because I love to write. I am working on my first book and I plan on finishing it. By college, and maybe beyond, I want to look back at myself and say, ‘Wow, I made it this far!’”

Seedling College Scholarship Winners from four years ago were also recognized at the recent Mentor Appreciation Luncheon (PHOTO ALBUM) along with their proud mentors.

Congratulations to Ruth Santiago (Mentor Susana Kaufmann) and Alex Jaimes (Mentor Paul Reddam) and our good wishes will continue to be with you as you cross the stage at graduation and walk into your future.

We are grateful to have been a part of it.

-Seedling Mentor Program Staff

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