Seedling Mentors Share the Love

Valentine CupidIn February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, and to commemorate this month of love, Seedling is highlighting couples who both mentor with Seedling Foundation:

OliverisRosalie & Joe Oliveri

“We have mentored since we retired from AISD. We share ideas about activities that work well with our mentees. Joe attended the HS graduation with me of one of my mentees. It brings us great joy to mentor. We’ve been with our boys almost ten years. Our children know about our mentoring and we hope they will continue the family tradition.” –Rosalie

RequejosCathy & St. John Requejo

“I was asked for the opportunity to mentor about 7 years ago through City of Austin. If I can make a small impact and give hope or confidence to a youth who is in this situation; what a blessing that would be. Also, at one point as a youth I had a mentor who impacted my life. This is my opportunity to pay it forward… ‘Give someone hope and you give them the confidence to succeed and fulfill their dreams.’ ” –St. John

“My husband started mentoring about 7 years back. He would share how much he enjoyed the time with his mentee. He inspired me to take the leap and to become a mentor. We both believe in giving of our time, and in trying to make a difference in our community. We both feel like we get back from our mentees just as much or more than we give. I have been a Seedling mentor for 4 years now.” –Cathy

BerrysScatter HeartsKay & Randy Berry

“We are both in our second year of mentoring with Seedling Foundation. I think we both mentor for the same basic reason and that is we hope to be a positive, stable influence in the lives of our mentees.”

Hill BentonNatalie Hill & Bryce Benton

“We have both truly enjoyed our experiences mentoring through Seedling Foundation. The positive impact is uplifting, and it’s wonderful to do our part to help instill confidence and happiness in young people.”

Peters PinaTiffany Peters & Steve Pina

“Mentoring for Seedling for almost 8 years has become an integral part of my life. I look forward to seeing my mentee’s smile each week.  He is a joy to be around and he has boundless energy which is contagious.  We have a blast playing all kinds of games. He is the undisputed champion of all of them!” –Steve

“Steve was the one who really encouraged me to start mentoring.  I’ve really enjoyed these four years.  I’ve been with my current mentee since the end of his third-grade year.  He just started middle school this year and it’s great to watch him interact with his friends on his way to lunch.  We have fun just talking during our time together.” –Tiffany

LedmansShira & Bob Ledman

“Being part of the Seedling staff, I know first hand how impactful our mentoring is in the lives of the children we serve.  Becoming a mentor myself was a natural step and I am really enjoying my new mentee – an adorable 2nd grader who is incredibly smart (can’t help but brag on her).  I was delighted when Bob decided he also wanted to mentor with Seedling and it’s fun to share our mentoring experiences with each other.” –Shira

“When Shira joined the Seedling staff, I learned about Seedling’s mission.  As an educator, I understand the importance of a good start in school and the role mentors can play to make that happen.  I was looking for a volunteer opportunity and being a Seedling mentor was a perfect fit for me.  I’m a second-year mentor with the same mentee and know the relationship has grown when he asks me if I’m coming back a second time in the same week.” –Bob

GomezsScatter HeartsDebbie & Mike Gomez

“We’ve been mentoring with the Seedling Foundation for almost 3 years now and it’s been an incredible experience to serve with this great organization.

Seedling has given us the opportunity to serve by sharing our time and experiences with some amazing kids. To serve as a couple has made it even more special. We’re thankful for Seedling and we look forward to serving together for many more years.”

KimbellsAshley & Chad Kimbell

“Being a mentor has made me a better parent to my own kids.   I was surprised to find that my mentees have taught me more about life and myself than I ever imagined.   Seedling is an amazing program.” –Chad

“I have been with the same mentee for over 8 years and it’s been an amazing experience to watch him grow up from sweet kindergartener to a friendly and kind young man. It has been very motivating to have my husband mentor also because we can talk about our mentees and how we can best support and help them. We also feel it’s important that our children know that we volunteer and give back to our community so they will do the same when they’re older.” –Ashley 

Left HeartThank you to these couples who each make a considerable impact on the life of a Seedling child! Interested in learning more? is your next stop on a journey that will end with a new little friend, and the opportunity to positively impact the life of a child who needs you more than they know.

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