Heart Health and Incarceration of a Parent

hands holding heart

Image Courtesy of NDTV.com

Heart-related disease kills thousands of people each year, and generally appears prominently as the number one fatal condition in America, particularly for men.

Many risk factors are known, but a recent study by researchers at Virginia Tech College of Science suggests an additional risk factor that had not previously been considered…parental incarceration.

Research has been showing us the effects of parental incarceration on children, and throughout the nation, we are becoming aware of the needs of this group of children who suffer much of the stress and trauma of losing a parent through divorce or death…but who have few social services devoted to their needs.

Now adult children of incarcerated parents are in the news, based on a study which links long-term heart health and mortality rates with being the child of a parent in prison. Researchers found strong linkage, particularly in men, who had a parent in prison while they were in childhood.

“According to researchers, boys appear to be sensitive to adverse childhood experiences, in a study published in the Journal of Criminal Justice.” – NDTV.com

“This new study from researchers at Virginia Tech College of Science is bound to garner attention and add to the growing interest in learning how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) affect children in the long-term,” said Mrs. Falba Turner, Director of Mentor Programs for Seedling Foundation.

You can read the entire article at NDTV.com.

~ Seedling Mentor Program Staff

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