Seedling Donors & Mentors Speak Out – David Halpern

David HalpernDavid Halpern is a Lawyer, an outspoken advocate for several causes and a proud mentor and Board Member for Seedling Foundation.  He shares his mentoring story with us here.

“I am pleased to be completing my second semester with Mark. He is a third grader at a really neat elementary school where all the teachers are addressed as “professors” and the halls are filled with banners from universities from all around Texas and the U.S.

Enthusiasm for learning is in the air and, on occasion, Mark and I can get pretty fired up about it too.”

“Both of us have siblings. I have an older brother who, for years, took care of me with kindness before taking care of me with his fists as we grew older. In contrast, Mark is surrounded by women – three sisters and his mom. I can’t imagine what that’s like, so he helps me by sharing little things about growing up as the man in the house. He doesn’t share much, but I do know he loves his sisters and it sounds like they love him back…Mom, too.”

SF-DavidHalpernBlogPic“Mark is the second boy I have mentored in my journey with Seedling. After 7-plus very interesting years with my first mentee, Dylan, it has been fun to return to an age where most of the faces I encounter display smiles and eyes wide with wonder. One never knows how long a relationship will last, but I am hopeful and I look forward to each week’s visit which usually includes reading time in the library or time throwing the football.”

“Seedling is one of several local organizations that we choose to support through time and some of our earnings. I’m proud to contribute and only wish we could do more. There are so many good causes and so many good people in need. For me, it’s about the kids. I think it always will be.”

You can read more about David Halpern in his biography.

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