Mentoring in Real Life – National Mentoring Month

In-Real-Life-image-SmJanuary is National Mentoring Month, and this year’s national theme is “Mentor in Real Life.”

Seedling mentors hear about real life in every visit, whether it’s a challenging school experience, a poignant tale of home life, or a simple expression of joy. Every minute counts!

Sometimes we use the analogy of the pickle jar. One person twists and struggles and just can’t get that lid to come off. At the same time, other people are having their try at shaking something loose. Sometimes none of those people ever see that lid come off, but each of their efforts helps.

Recently a former Seedling mentor and one of our own staff members have unexpectedly found themselves face-to-face with their mentees, years after their formal relationships ended. In each case, the student has matured, has developed composure and ease in the company of adults, and is progressing toward goals. During their Seedling years, there was little evidence that the mentor was having an impact, but the former mentees offered strong testimony that the mentor was an important influence and they were thankful for the time they spent together.

NatlMentoringMonthSeedling is so grateful for your belief in our mission and your contribution. Today there are 134 children on our waiting list, and only three New Mentor Orientations remain in the season. Won’t you please ask someone in your circle to contact us about becoming a mentor? President Obama’s proclamation may be read here.

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