Mentoring Metrics – Measurement Matters!

2014-2015 Seedling EvaluationThere is an old saying in the nonprofit world…”If you can’t measure it; you can’t fund it.”

 It probably isn’t true in all cases, but when Seedling Mentor Program was envisioned in 2005, the program was based on research and included metrics from the beginning.

Seedling Mentor Program undergoes a rigorous evaluation by an independent professional each year. The results are posted on our website and presented to the Board and other stakeholders.

The Board of Seedling Foundation is proud to share them with you.

Seedling Mentor Program 2014-2015 Program Evaluation by Karen Looby, Ph.D.

The report this year is rich with graphics and information, so please give it a moment to load. Seedling Mentor Program is proud to report a 74% retention rate for mentors, with high satisfaction rates throughout!  Seedling is one of only two school-based mentoring programs in the nation that focus on this very vulnerable group of students, and we always want to be at the forefront of training and progress in supporting our mentors in their valuable work.

We are excited for the children in our program, and thankful to the caring adults who both mentor and support this innovative program. To our partners in the school districts where we serve, thank you for your partnership and support. We couldn’t do it without you.

Just a few quotes from our mentees in the report…

Seedling Mentees Quotes



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