Creating Emotionally Intelligent Children – Mentors Can Help!

emotional intelligenceSeedling Mentor Program invests in its mentors with support and education. 

We do this because we believe that an educated and supported mentor will be more successful, and successful mentors feel great about what they are doing!  That is important to us.

Emotions…to some of us this one little word can be very uncomfortable because, frankly, not everyone is open to sharing their feelings.  Our emotions have power and are capable of enhancing or compromising so much.  Our memory, learning, decision-making, our judgment, the quality of our relationships, physical and mental health, can all be affected or influenced by our emotional state.  Physically, our emotions cause a shift in our breathing and heart rate and can alter our facial expressions, body posture and behavior.

Our emotions really matter!

RULER imageAt last month’s Seedling Mentor Training, mentors were presented with research from the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, along with the Center’s innovative tools and strategies in identifying and regulating emotions.  These tools, part of the RULER Approach, are being implemented into classrooms across the U.S. with the goal of creating a more effective and compassionate society.

The Yale Center defines Emotional Intelligence this way:

Recognizing emotions in one’s self and others

Understanding the causes and consequences of emotions

Labeling emotions accurately

Expressing emotions appropriately

Regulating emotions effectively

Watching a 17-minute video (a TEDTalk) to learn about the RULER approach is well worth the time.  Follow this link to watch Marc Brackett, Yale Center Director, discuss Emotional Intelligence on TEDxGoldenGateED.  YouTube TedTalk

A wonderful way for mentors to help mentees identify and regulate their emotions is introducing them to The Mood Meter.  This colorful graph lists feeling words that one can choose that best identifies his/her emotion on a scale from pleasant to unpleasant, as well as rating energy level from low to high.

To view the Mood Meter in English – click here.

To view the Mood Meter in Spanish – click here.

To learn about Mood Meter activities  – click here and click here.

The Mood Meter is also available as a mobile app for your phone:

~Seedling Mentor Program Staff

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