Too Old to Mentor?

Older woman Seedling Mentor with young boy Seedling MenteeAging is a natural part of life, and along with a few more lines around the eyes, and a little more caution in moving, comes many valuable gifts.

Wisdom, experience, and for some of us, time to do activities we couldn’t fit in before.

Mentoring can be one of those!

Mentoring with Seedling has four basic requirements:

  • Time – 2 hrs. of training and committing about an hour a week to meet for lunch at a child’s school. We require a full school year’s commitment for the good of the child.
  • Travel – Seedling is a site based mentoring program, and you must be able to travel to and from the child’s school.
  • Background Check – all volunteers in public schools must pass a background check and we will provide that for you at our expense.
  • Heart – Entering the life of a child as a Seedling Mentor is a special gift you give to him or her…and yourself!
Seedling Mentor & Mentee

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In return, you will have a new little friend in your life, you will know that your presence is making a difference, and recent research by Carnegie Mellon University has found an amazing link between people who volunteer as they retire and age, and a lower risk of hypertension.

“Participating in volunteer activities may provide older adults with social connections that they might not have otherwise.  There is strong evidence that having good social connections promotes healthy aging and reduces risk for a number of negative health outcomes.”

The National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Aging and National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine supported this research.

~Seedling Mentor Program Staff

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