Mentoring is Good For You!

Benefits to mentors…

dictionary-benefitsYou may have thought of mentoring as a “one way street,” with mentors giving time, attention and intention to their young friends, but only the satisfaction of a job well done for the mentor.

Think again!

Mentors learn from interacting with their protégé, gaining a sense of satisfaction by making a difference in another person’s life and growing as a person through the experience. Research conducted by McLauren et al (1999) showed that mentors who worked with at–risk young people reported that they had increased patience, better friendships and a feeling of effectiveness. Mentoring also provided volunteer mentors with an opportunity to acquire new skills, in particular improvements in communication skills (Grossman and Bulle 2006, Eby, Durley et al. 2006; Gentry, Weber et al. 2007).

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert LandscapeThese skills were an asset in the workplace. Better communication skills in the workplace saw improved relationships with peers and colleagues.

Employers of mentors have seen improvements in the employees’ attitudes towards work. Other benefits have included improvements to teamwork skills, morale, self-worth, and employee retention (Eby, Durley et al. 2006; Gentry, Weber et al.2007).
Mentors have also reported developing better relationships with family members. Depending on the age of the mentor some have reported improvements in their relationships with their own children and grandchildren (Grossman and Bulle 2006).

Even those with no children of their own reported a better understanding of other people.

Now, think of your close friends – according to an article by Robin Dunbar, we each have about 50 close friends on average.  Which good people in your circle might be interested in building their patience and communication skills?  Have you told them about the Seedling Mentor Program?

We are here to welcome and support them in an activity that has surprising benefits on both sides!

~Compiled by Seedling Foundation Staff

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