How Do I Know if My Mentee Wants Me to Continue?

Mentoring QuestionsSeptember’s Seedling Mentor Program’s “Question of the Month” is a good one. Depending on the age of your mentee, it may be difficult to tell if they want you to keep mentoring them.

The truth is, Seedling Mentor Program’s professional Mentor Directors have already worked hand in hand with the School Contact at your Mentee’s school and that question has been asked and answered if you are already scheduled to start your mentoring again this fall.

But helping you read the verbal and nonverbal cues is what Seedling Mentor Program is all about, and this month’s Mentor Minute gives you things to look for and even questions to ask at each grade level!

Kindergarten-5th Grade

6th Grade-8th Grade

9th Grade-12th Grade

Just click on the link that covers your Mentee’s grade and get information that will help you get a great start on this year’s mentoring.

And never forget, your Mentor Director is there to help you along the way!  Contact him or her with any questions that arise and don’t miss the Seedling Mentor Program Support Sessions this year.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Seedling Mentor Program Staff

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