Why I Give – One Donor’s Story

Amber TowersDonor Spotlight: Amber Towers

Amber Towers felt compelled to become a mentor as soon as she learned about the mission of the Seedling Foundation. Her first mentoring experience would introduce her to Errin, a 7th grader whom she would mentor throughout middle school and high school. Towers also had the unusual experience of being asked to serve as a foster parent for Errin when she was 16 years old, and Errin lived with Amber for two years.

Errin has since graduated and is working, going to school, and living on her own in an apartment she shares with a friend.

Towers said, “I’ve seen first-hand how just showing up once a week can truly change a child’s life. I saw how the program changed Errin. I saw how receiving a Seedling College Scholarship changed Errin. I know that she would not be in college now if it wasn’t for the scholarship and support she received from Seedling.”

This year, Towers is mentoring a 2nd grader, Mia. Towers is a regular and generous donor to Seeding Foundation. When asked why she supports the Seedling Foundation financially, she said,

 “I donate mostly because I understand there are two sides to Seedling’s success. Mentors need to show up and care, and that’s one side. On the other side, the Foundation needs the funding behind it to recruit and train the mentors. Both sides are equally important. Even a small amount makes a big difference in getting more mentors for these children. I started donating when I saw the level of support Errin received from Seedling Foundation, even after she wasn’t in the program anymore. I saw how no matter what, Errin and AmberSeedling was continually there for her. I signed up to give monthly so that I could help support the monthly expenses to keep the program going. Then, I signed up to contribute towards the scholarship fund. I have seen and talked with other mentors who are also impressed about the way Seedling stays with these children, long after they age out of the program. I also donate because I had the opportunity to serve on the Board, and I learned first-hand that the Foundation is a good steward of the donations it receives. I learned that every penny is tracked and every donation goes directly to support the students in the program.”

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