Tipping Our Hats to Our Mentors

Hats Off to MentorsMay brings showers and bluebonnets to Central Texas along with Seedling’s annual rite of spring…the Mentor Appreciation Event!

Hundreds of our Mentors gather with School Contacts, Seedling Board Members and Staff, Sponsors, Donors and our friends throughout Central Texas, for a noon time celebration of mentoring and the magic it brings into the lives of children.

Our Seedling College Scholarship Graduates are recognized and applauded, and the newest group of Seedling College Scholarship Winners (8th graders) are introduced to the community that has chosen to support them in their efforts to pursue more education and opportunities.

It is our favorite time of year.  As we shake hands and hug, trade stories and smiles, and re-dedicate ourselves to another year of making a difference.

Our keynote speaker this year was a young lady named Zaira Garcia.  She was one of our very first Seedling College Scholarship winners in 2007.  She graduated from high school in 2011 and claimed her scholarship and will now graduate this year from the University of Texas at Austin.  She dreams of being a teacher, and if her poise, intellect and character that she displayed as a speaker are any indication, her school and students are in for the treat of a lifetime.

Zaira reflected on the end of her 8th grade year, when she won her Seedling College Scholarship.

She recounted for a spellbound audience how sad she had been that year and how hard things had been for her before she got her Mentor, Margo Dover.  Margo was a presence in her school year all through high school and Zaira remembered how just being with this successful and fun woman lifted her spirits.

She recounted a day in high school when the school day schedule got flipped due to testing, and so her afternoon math class saw her after she had visited with Margo when they usually saw her before.

She was so happy and unlike the girl they were used to seeing that her teacher actually sent her to the Principal’s office, where she was questioned about what substance she had taken.  Zaira was shocked, but explained that she had seen her Mentor, Margo, and that was the only thing that was different. Mentoring made her happy!

A standing ovation greeted Zaira at the end of her speech and she closed with advice to this year’s scholarship winners to take full advantage of the gift and chance they had been given.

To share in the joy that is a Seedling Mentor Appreciation Event, click HERE.

Enjoy, and if you aren’t mentoring yet, we hope you will be next year!

~Seedling Mentor Program Staff

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