Seedling – The People’s Choice!

Seedling Foundation and Bright Giant Creative Group

Seedling Foundation and Bright Giant Creative Group

Seedling Foundation was recently chosen to receive a custom video from a professional production company as part of Lights. Camera. Help. nonprofit’s “Reel Change Film Frenzy” competition and festival.

We were honored to be one of ten Austin nonprofits chosen, but really had no idea what was involved. It turned out to be a fun and extremely rewarding experience! Our production company was Bright Giant Creative Group, and Jason and Christina Smith and Angelique Harkin were joys to work with. They only had a few days to pull together script, participants, filming, scoring and post-production.  It was amazing!

The big day of the “Reel Change Film Frenzy” arrived, and it was standing room only at Alamo Drafthouse – Slaughter Lane. Aaron Bramley, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Lights. Camera. Help. opened the program and the videos began.

We laughed, we cried, we applauded both the film makers who had done so much in so little time, and the nonprofits whose work was lauded and revealed in the videos. After the last video, the judges retired momentarily to make their decision, and then Aaron announced the “People’s Choice” award, based on being chosen as the audience’s favorite video. He paused dramatically, and then intoned, “Seedling Foundation by Bright Giant Creative Group!”

I was sitting with a few folks from Seedling, and we all just looked at each other in amazement and joy. What a feeling! We loved the video, but didn’t realize how much it was touching others in the audience. The judge’s prize went to a pug rescue organization, but we were not disappointed at all. How could we be? Thanks to the creative genius of Bright Giant, we were now owners of a fabulous video that presented our mission to the world in a way that informed while it inspired.

We couldn’t be more proud, and we are honored to share the video with you. Congratulations and thanks to our new friends at Bright Giant Creative Group.

~Kali’ P. Rourke, Seedling Foundation Board of Directors


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