The Gift of the Mentor

Seeding GiftThe holidays are a special time in the Seedling Mentor Program, where our mentors walk the delicate line of giving in a poverty dominated culture.  

Luckily, Seedling’s Mentor Directors are there supporting mentors with training, one on one advice and the encouragement that makes both mentors and mentees comfortable with the holiday and opens doors to communication and relationship.

This is the time of year when most of us treasure anew the warm and cozy home we share with people we love…but what if those people weren’t there?

What if there was no cozy home?

What if the future wasn’t merry and bright and presents were hard to come by?

These are the realities that many of our children of incarcerated parents face. They are often in foster care or being looked after by relatives. They are often the “extra” people in the room and live a life full of upsetting transitions…from house to house, caregiver to caregiver, and school to school.

What can you do to help?

A gift of any amount will help and for a gift of $60 per month, YOU can sponsor a child to be matched with a mentor for a full school year.

Donate to SeedlingThank you, in advance for supporting our important work with this vulnerable group of children who live right here in Austin.

`Sari Waxler, Founding Executive Director


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