Fast Pitching the Mentoring Mission

Philanthropitch Banner
Seedling Foundation recently participated in a novel fundraising event called “Philanthropitch.”  It was sponsored by BuildASign and was based on the high tech world’s practice of “fast pitch” funding.

Our Executive Director, Sari Waxler, was given the challenge of distilling our mission and the innovative things we do into a five minute speech.  This was a challenge, but she rose to the occasion.

She competed in the first round of competition, but as is the case sometimes in the high tech world, they threw an additional challenge at the competitors shortly before they began…they shortened the time to two minutes.

“That was just about the scariest moment in my professional life,” Sari said with a rueful grin.

But she focused the Seedling’s Mentor Program message down to a two minute sound bite and went for it.

Seedling Foundation was named one of only six finalists that night, and the final competition was held May 29th at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas.  The finalists competed in front of a sold out crowd.  Yes, they were given the full five minutes this time!

Seedling was the smallest nonprofit competing, but you would never have known it from the quality of Sari’s presentation to the knowledgeable and incisive questions from the judges.

Seedling Philanthropitch CheckWe clapped our hands in glee as the results came in and Seedling Foundation was awarded a check for $6,000.

Thank you to, the judges and sponsors that made this great evening possible.  We had a “fast pitch” blast, and hope that many philanthropic folks learned more about Seedling’s Mentor Program for Children of Incarcerated Parents, and it may lead to unexpected benefits for all of our kids!

-Seedling Foundation Staff

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