Letter From Christina at College

Children who have a parent in prison can face limited options for their future. Economic impact and increased mobility affects everything from their sense of security to their educational continuity. The combination is often too difficult to overcome.

There are also the twin challenges of self-image and self-confidence.

A Mentor can be an amazing asset in counteracting these forces in a child’s life, and today we want to share one of our Seedling College Scholarship Winners with you.  She wrote a letter that captures our wishes for her perfectly!

Seedling College Scholarship WinnerChristina writes:

“Dear Friend of the Seedling Foundation,

It’s me – Christina, writing to you from Sul Ross University in Alpine, Texas, where I am a freshman.  You may remember me.  I spoke at several Seedling Foundation events while I was a student at Austin ISD and a Seedling mentee.”

“I’m writing to tell you that without the help of my mentor and the Seedling Foundation, I would not be where I am today, plain and simple.”

“Every donation the Seedling Foundation receives makes it possible for them to match more children, who like me, were separated from their mom or their dad because of a prison sentence.”

“I’m majoring in Education and Psychology, with a minor in Criminal Justice, and I’m confident that those areas of study will help me achieve my professional goals.”

“There are so many other kids who need to believe that their dreams are possible as well.  Will you help?”

-Christina, AISD Class of 2012…Sul Ross University Class of 2016!

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