Mentors Are Amazing!

Mentoring Not 4 WimpsIt is Mentor Match Time at Seedling’s Mentor Program!

A bumper sticker we have discussed for years at Seedling Foundation would look something like this. Tongue in cheek, to be sure, but it expresses a very important truth…mentoring is an amazingly impact filled thing to do for a child.

We know it, do it, experience the joy of successful matches and see the difference in the Seedling mentored children every day.

Our latest Seedling’s Mentor Program Evaluation has a quote in it from a Mentor that says it all. “Whenever I wonder if what I’m doing matters, I just take in the big and genuine smile I get every week, or the little hand in mine as we walk back to the classroom…and I know the relationship matters.”

You can read the entire evaluation online. Just click the link! We arrange for an independent evaluation each year because we know that without measurements, it is very difficult to determine if your program is making a difference. Each year we find once again, that this one does.

So, if you are in the Austin, Texas area, and would like to be a part of a highly supported and valued team that truly makes a difference…consider joining us! Mentor matches are happening now and our amazing staff would love to talk with you about being the difference in a child’s life. A lunch each week at a child’s school makes such a cumulative impact for them, and it is a manageable investment of time for most of us.

Contact and just ask any questions that come to mind.  Or if this is something you have decided you want to be a part of, click Register Today and begin a wonderful journey with us.  We have children on a waiting list who are so eager to meet you!

Oh, and just kidding about the bumper sticker! Instead, you will get incredible training, support, a shiny gold pin showing you are a Seedling Mentor and a sweet, irreplaceable friendship. If Mentoring is not something you can fit in right now, think about it for later, and consider donating to support someone who can mentor immediately. School children throughout Austin will thank you!

~Kali’ P. Rourke, Seedling Board of Directors

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