Miss America Speaks Out for Seedling

Miss AmericaEvery once in a great while, two things you don’t usually think of in the same sentence simply come together.

“Miss America” combined with “Children with a parent in prison” is an example.

They come together in the warm and personable Laura Kaeppeler, Miss America 2012. Our Seedling Foundation Mentors, Supporters and Sponsors are looking forward to meeting her and hearing her speak about her experience as a child with a parent in prison.

The Seedling Foundation hopes that by bringing Miss America to Austin we can raise awareness of our mission to mentor children with incarcerated parents. This is Miss Kaeppeler’s personal platform issue and the one she will promote throughout her reign as Miss America.

Laura’s passion for her platform, Mentoring Children of Incarcerated Parents, stems from her personal experience. While she was in high school, Laura’s father served 18 months in federal prison for a white-collar crime. Inspired by her own experience, Laura founded Circles of Support, a mentoring support group for children of incarcerated parents.

Miss Kaeppeler will be speaking to Seedling’s over 400 mentors who serve children from AISD whose parent(s) are serving time in prison.  This is an invitation only event, but if you are interested in sponsoring the program and attending, sponsorship information is available here.

The Seedling Foundation Board and I look forward to meeting this remarkable young woman and to thanking the incredible Seedling Mentors and Supporters who make this program possible. We will get to see our Seedling College Scholarship winners from four years ago who are graduating and fulfilling the promise we saw in them as small, shy 8th grade students. They will join us in welcoming this year’s winners in a heartwarming moment that we hope will live forever in their memories, as it will in ours.

Hope to see you there.

~Kali’ P. Rourke, Seedling Foundation Board President

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