So Many Thanks…to Mentors, Supporters and Champions!

Seedling Thanks Mentors and SupportersA Note from the Executive Director – Seedling Mentor Appreciation Event May 26, 2011

Dear Friends of the Seedling Foundation,

It’s the most wonderful feeling to look out into the faces of all of you who gather today to celebrate the end of another year of volunteering. I can remember when we first met at your places of employment or at a mentor orientation. You were excited. You were eager. Each of you wanted, above all, to be good at this activity we call “mentoring.” You did not disappoint us!

Today is all about honoring you, so let me begin by saying how very impressed and thrilled all of us at Seedling have been by the extent to which you have kept and honored the commitment you made to a child. You’ve been consistent with your weekly visits, remembered to call on the occasions when a visit was not possible, attended monthly trainings to expand your knowledge and build your skills. You’ve truly taken this important responsibility to heart. Most important of all, you have found your unique way of making an imprint on a child’s heart. Thank you.

If your mentees could be here today to talk about what has meant the most to them, they would say things like: “She’s a really good listener.” “He is someone I can talk to about anything.” “She always has a smile on her face.” “When he says he is going to do something…he does.” “She’s always there when I need her.” I can’t personally imagine more significant endorsements.

To our school partners who make our work possible, we thank you and salute the warm and welcoming environments you create in your schools. We are grateful that the trust you cultivate makes it possible for us to identify and serve children. Most of all, we thank you for educating our community’s children.

To our loyal supporters. You are our behind the scenes heroes. You give generously and often. You encourage, advocate, and support us publicly and privately. We hope to always be worthy of your friendship.

Warmest wishes from all of us at Seedling to all of you. We hope to see you back with us in August.


Sari Waxler, Executive Director

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